Eco Efforts

Our Committment to The Environment

You might be wondering how a giftwrap company can be eco-friendly. Here at Under Wraps we strive to incorporate eco-friendly practices. From upcycling and recycling to careful choices in our custom paper printing we have our eye on reducing our environmental impact.

At our warehouse in Dallas, Texas we up-cycle and reuse everything we can. Our original manufacturer’s shipping cartons are up-cycled and used as display cases for the gable boxes at our trade shows. We reuse manufacturer boxes for shipping orders whenever possible. In our first year as an online retailer, we have not used any new packing material for our shipped orders. Our packing material comes from several sources. Bubble pack is up-cycled by arrangement with a neighboring business, that would otherwise put this packing material in a landfill. We also use tulle to pack orders, which is originally used as packing on our inbound freight from the manufacturers. We sometimes use paper to pack orders, but we only use mis-prints, damaged paper, or paper of a quality that does not meet our standards for sale.

We also recycle all paper, cores from master rolls, and cardboard shipping cartons that cannot be otherwise used.

Perhaps most importantly, our gift wrap is not individually packaged or sold in small roll lengths. This has two important environmental impacts. One, with our longer rolls, you can wrap more packages before you have a remainder piece. This means that more of the paper is used than thrown away (or hopefully recycled). Two, we do not use shrink-wrap like most other gift wrap purveyors, and longer roll lengths also mean that we do not need cardboard cores for each roll. Less packaging means less waste in landfills, and lower cost to you!

Under Wraps provides an important service to the eco-friendy efforts of the giftwrapping industry as a whole, by buying huge closeout lots and carefully rewinding master rolls that have useable paper left on them. Most other companies would simply throw these master rolls away, rather than look through them and retain the parts with subpar printing for use in packing and shipping.

All of our custom printed papers and gable boxes are produced domestically, and shipped in consolidated truckloads, which cuts down on carbon emissions. Almost half of our custom prints are printed on 100% recycled natural kraft paper, and all of our custom prints are produced with water-based inks! As we continue to grow, we hope to introduce even more recycled paper stocks into our line.

Our raffia, tulle and sheer ribbons are sold on cores made from renewable materials (not plastic), and can be recycled after the product is gone. Please recycle your giftwrap and gable boxes after they are used, and rest easy knowing that beautiful packages and a green approach are both possible when you shop with Under Wraps!

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