Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Does Under Wraps have a minimum purchase?

Yes – The minimum purchase amount is $25 (Subtotal must be over $25 to access the checkout page). If you need a smaller amount of product, please consider combining orders with a friend or family member. Combined orders will be shipped to one address. Orders with a Subtotal over $30 can use our coupon code FIVEOFFSHIPPING to receive a $5 credit to offset the cost of shipping. Only one coupon code per customer per purchase is allowed.

Do I have to create a profile to checkout?

No – you can check out as a guest. However, There are many advantages to creating a profile:

  • The contents of your cart will be saved.*
  • Logged in cutomers can review products!
  • Enter your billing address and contact information one time.
  • Save your ship to address if different from billing.
  • Our loyalty points program!
  • Larger quantities and special closeouts may be available by login level.
  • Review previous orders anytime.
  • And it’s easy!

*saving items in your cart does not guarantee they will be available for purchase in the future, but you won’t have to go find them again.

What's the difference between a Big Roll and a Giant Roll?

Big Rolls are 23 feet long, and Giant Rolls are 52 feet long!
The Giant Rolls are the best price per foot, and our Big Rolls are the best way to buy lots of patterns. We even have a “3 for $10” deal on the Big Rolls!

Do I have to buy 3 rolls of the same pattern to get the 3 for $10 price?

No – All our discounts are mix and match within the specified category. So any 3 rolls of paper in the Big Rolls category will cause the discount to show up in the cart, but Foil Giftwrap or Giant Rolls would not, because they are in different categories.

What about the fourth, fifth, or more rolls of paper (or tulle) in a "3 for" deal?

After you buy the first three items in a category with “3 for” pricing, any additional items in that category are at the discounted price. This way, you don’t have buy in multiples of three to get discounts. We make it easy for you!

I added 3 rolls of paper to my cart, but I don't see the price change, Why?

The original price of the items will not change, however you will see quantity discounts listed in the order totals section of the cart and checkout pages. If you are changing item quantities in your shopping cart, be sure to click the ‘update cart’ button to see your changes.

Is everything on your site available for reorder?

No – Many items in the catalog are not custom printed, or have long lead times, and stock is therefore limited. It is recommended that you purchase all that you think you might need of any given design or color, as we cannot guarantee future availability. If you have questions about a specific product, please Contact Us to find out if it may be re-orderable.

What about tax-exempt orders in Texas?

If you are a 501c-3 tax exempt organization like a church or a school, you may:

  1. Create a profile on this site.
  2. fill out page 2 of the form from
  3. Save it to your computer or print it out.
  4. Submit it to us via email or postal mail.

By Texas state law, the completed form is required, and having a ‘tax number’ is not required. Once we receive the form, we will update your account, and your tax exempt status will show on your account dashboard.

If you are interested in wholesale or resale, we will need a completed copy of page 1, which can also be found at and does require a taxpayer ID to be valid.

Shipping Questions

I just placed my order. When will I receive it?

Orders are packed and shipped within 3 business days, in most cases. Because many of our products are heavy, and to keep costs down, we only offer ground shipping at this time. Ground carriers do not guarantee a delivery date, however, it has been our experience that most shipments in or around Texas are 1-2 days transit time, and almost all other domestic shipments arrive within 3-5 business days of the ship date.

How do I track my package?

Tracking numbers are made available to you in an order status email. You will automatically be sent this email when your order is marked as shipped. Just click the link in your email confirmation. You may also use the tracking number on the website for the carrier (FedEx).

Do you charge a markup on shipping or a handling fee?

No – There is no markup charged on shipping, and we do not charge a handling fee! Under Wraps sends you your product using our negotiated rates with our carriers. As our volume increases, the rates you pay will go down. In the meantime, we are offering a $5 credit to offset the cost of shipping on orders whose subtotal is $35 or more. Please enter coupon code FIVEOFFSHIPPING at checkout.

What about shipping insurance?

Your order is insured automatically up to $100. On orders over $100 we pay the additional insurance! In the rare event that your order is lost or damaged, please let us know immediately, and we will work with you to see that you get the products you ordered. Subsequently, we will have to file a claim with the carrier. This process does not generally involve you as the recipient.

What if I need my order right away?

At this time we do not ship overnight or express, as the costs can be quite high! Please contact us about your individual situation. While we may or may not be able to accomodate you this time, multiple requests may cause us to reconsider the available shipping methods.

Do you ship via the USPS?

Not at this time. If this is a shipping method you’d like to see in the future, please Contact Us.

Do You Ship to PO Boxes?

Unfortunately, not at this time. FedEx is our only carrier, so if you need an order, and your primary address is a PO Box, you will need to enter your work address, or somewhere else that has a physical address in order for us to ship your product. If you do not add a physical address for shipping, it will delay the processing of your order, while we attempt to contact you for a physical address.

Keep in Touch!

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We regret to inform you that we are unable to ship orders until further notice due to some unforeseen family health issues. We apologize for any inconvenience - please check back on or after November 15th.